"Our experience identifying and understanding the native capabilities of mobile allows us to create the most impactful creative solutions for both marketers and customers"

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Our experience identifying and understanding the native capabilities of mobile allows us to create the most impactful creative solutions for both marketers and customers. Mobile lets advertisers engage with customers like no other medium does. Advertisers can showcase rich video where people are consuming video content. They can offer companion or sequential messaging on different devices and screens. One-on-one interactions not possible with traditional media are possible with mobile. We work with brands to create innovative, impactful, and interactive creative solutions.

We know what works in mobile...

With years of experience working with performance advertisers, we understand how to deliver results. Whether your goal is to drive quality downloads, create lifetime value for your app, or enhance advertising ROI with specific lead generation, we have targeted performance solutions to help you meet your goals..

Whether you are a high-tech vendor or an enterprise, as our customer you can rely on our expertise, delivery capabilities and quality-driven processes, helping you to successfully face new business challenges by turning technology solutions into a competitive advantage.

The market and competitive pressures within the changing industries have made time-to-market, customer experience, loyalty, optimal security and operational efficiency critical success factors.

We have the required global know-how in various industries, which in combination with our local competence enables us to help you address those challenges.

"Content marketing is more than a buzzword. It is the hottest trend in marketing because it is the biggest gap between what buyers want and brands produce.”

Michael Brenner, SAP

With more and more people going online with mobile devices, it's important to reach your customers while they're on the go.

Industry - Leading Data and Technology

Data is one of the most important resources for many companies. Data analysis as well as big data have been changing the technology industry for some time in ways that no one previously believed was possible. They help many companies make decisions about strategies to gain market insight that would otherwise go unnoticed. That’s why we always strive to be at the top to get our customers the best help possible.


Our company is the preferred mobile advertising partner to developers, who overwhelmingly choose our collaborative approach to their monetization needs. Our technology enables us to aggregate developer-provided data and deliver cleaner, richer and actionable ad experiences for their users. Optimization engine and targeting capabilities we use help developers to obtain the highest value that they can achieve for their inventory.


Our data and technology enables advertisers to leverage highly targetable, data-driven behavioral and local audiences to achieve their marketing goals, uniquely connecting mobile audiences with their brands. WAP-enabled devices let people browse mobile websites that are specifically designed for small mobile devices. These websites are typically much simpler than the full-fledged websites you'd normally see on a desktop computer. High-end mobile devices, such as smartphones, have full Internet browsers and can display websites similar to the ones you'd see on a desktop computer. To compensate for the smaller screen size, these devices typically allow you to zoom in and out to more easily navigate around a page.

Mobile Billing & SMS Advertising

Mobile Marketing and SMS Advertising is now possible on many levels. We provide sophisticated, easy to use mobile campaign management services to enable you to deliver your marketing message first time, every time. With its interactive, measurable, and direct features, mobile marketing represents an enormous opportunity and is fast becoming the marketing channel of choice for organizations of all types.

Mobile marketing enables advertisers to send out custom - made and personalized multimedia campaigns to lists of targeted audiences - enabling customers to respond directly. A few of the attractive features of mobile SMS marketing include:

  • Anytime, anywhere communication that is direct and immediate
  • Can be targeted to particular audience groups based on age, profession or gender
  • Cost effective
  • Huge potential for viral marketing as customers tend to forward messages in groups
  • Can be easily integrated in cross-media including TV, print and radio


WAP-enabled devices let people browse mobile websites that are specifically designed for small mobile devices. More marketers are recognizing the benefits WAP offers for increased mobile content and application delivery, richer creativity, and deeper consumer interaction (and, therefore, data capture). Features that go way beyond SMS and even MMS remain largely underutilized. The key to mobile marketing is offering customers a reward for their interaction, so content-heavy WAP sites are looking ever-more appealing in a marketing setting. Rich functionality, on top of customers' acceptance of the medium and mass-market penetration of color phones, is likely to lead to brands launching a rash of WAP sites this year.


Premium rate SMS and WAP is a convenient and quick way for a user to pay for services provided by you. Following the documentation provided by us and with a help of our professionals you will install billing services in a few hours. SMS/WapPush messages delivery service is used to send messages to a wide range of information to mobile users. 2-way SMS interactivity is based on sending SMS and receive feedback from your clients (to short code or ordinary mobile number). This solution is ideal for surveys, voting, or to find out whether the customer will be able to accept the parcel on time. Use Personalized SMS marketing solutions as adding the client's name, unique code, or other personalized information to SMS text.


Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to get started with mobile advertising, you first need to define who are you advertising to, and the device that they will be using to see your ad. Advertising in mobile internet gives possibility to have feedback communications with users, as in Internet it is more difficult. Mobile marketers have increasingly taken adventage of smartphone apps as a marketing resource. This one allows you direct engagement payment, and target advertising.

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